Recruitment Business

Recruitment and Placement Business

Course Duration– The course would be for a total duration of 7 days.

This could be completed in the following ways-

Regular 7  days  evening (Time 4 pm to 9 Pm)

Weekend– Saturday & Sunday (8 am to 2 pm)



Day  1:-

  1. Introduction to Recruitment Function
  2.  Brief on the Recruitment & Staffing Industry
  3.  Recruitment Business model
  4. Business Setup and Compliances

Day  2:-

  1. Market research for selling Recruitment & Staffing Solutions
  2.  New Business acquisition, handling the complete sales lifecycle.
  3. Promotion, Marketing & Business Development.

Day  3:-

  1. Client Acquisition & Account Management
  2. Proposal , Agreement ,Payment terms & Agreement Clause
  3. Overview of Recruitment & Selection Methods
  4. Client/Stakeholder Relationship Management
  5. Recruitment Software/Platforms

Day  4:-

  1. Job Description & Job Specification
  2. Sourcing ,Job Portal & Candidate database Management
  3. Job Portals
  4. Social Media for recruitment
  5. Field Recruitment

Day  5:-

  1. Selection Process
  2. Interview Process
  3. Competency Based Interview
  4. Psychometric testing/Aptitude Test

Day  6:-

  1. Salary Negotiations.
  2. Reference Checks.
  3. Preparing Offer Letter.
  4. Joining Formalities.

Day  7:-

  1. Understanding Compensation
  2. Invoicing, Billing ,Payment Cycle & Account Management
  3. Examination

Method of Teaching:

Classroom interactive session and Practical sessions, Discussion, presentation & project work.

Examination :

Students will be assessed on project work and a written examination that will be conducted at the end of the course. 


Those who wish to be self-employed or doing freelance recruitment would immensely benefit. This program will provide for employment opportunities to candidates in all big, medium and small firms as well as staffing companies.