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Recruitment Business Management

Recruitment Business Management

The recruitment industry is relatively static with recruiters having full control of the hiring process. As per the latest Research recently come up with report of Global Recruitment for the estimated period of 8-years, during 2017-2025. This market has been witnessing stable growth and development. The global market for recruitment is likely to exhibit revenue growth by 1.5x between the period of 2017 to 2025.

Recruitment Business Management
Recruitment Business Model

The steps are straight forward: identify a vacancy, place a job advertisement, screen applicants, conduct interviews, and negotiate an offer. One of the most important step in how to start a recruiting business is choosing a recruitment business model.

  • 1) Solo practitioner Recruitment Business Model
  • 2) Agency owner Recruitment Business Model
  • 3) Franchising & Freelancing Business model

The tenure of senior executives has become shorter and the junior executives can now choose from numerous job opportunities. The recruitment industry has transited to a candidate focused instead of client focused, because of market scenario and now candidate has many employment choices, here our challenge is to attract quality candidates.

Considering the facts and figures, Biz iuris College of Professional Studies has taken the initiative and developed a Recruitment Business Management Course.

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