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Cyber Security Course

Live and interactive Training on Cyber Security

Why to learn Cyber security.?
Cyber security is among the hottest trends in the field of computer science and the demand for cyber security experts has increased exponentially since the last decade.


Course Contents (Updated quality content as per current industry demands.)
đź“’Session 1
âś…Cybersecurity Overview (30 min)
âś…Cryptography and Cryptanalysis (45min)
đź“ŚCryptanalysis Attacks
âś… Demonstration of Cryptography Principle using online tools
đź“’Session 2
âś…Steganography and Steganalysis (45min)
âś… Demonstration of Steganography Principle using online tools
âś… Threats and Vulnerabilities
đź“ŚBasic Threats
đź“ŚPassword mishaps
đź“ŚMobile technology threats:
âś…Ethical Hacking
âś…Demonstration of Measuring Password Strength and idea of Password cracking using online tools
đź“’Session 3
âś…Mobile technology threats
âś…Concept of Ethical Hacking
âś…Cyber Attack
đź“ŚIntroduction to cyber attack
đź“ŚHacking Detection and Prevention
âś…Demonstration of SQL Injection and Key-logger using online tools


đź’ˇIntroduction to Cyber Security is designed to help learners understand the basic concepts of Cyber security and Cyber Defense. After completing this course the learners will be able to protect themselves from online threats, have a deeper understanding of cryptography and steganography, find security holes in their system as well as in webpages, and perform basic hacking. This course tackles present-day online threats and every privacy concerned person should give it a try. We hope learners will enjoy this course and develop a lifelong passion for cybersecurity.
đź’ˇCourse completion certificate


Mode Of Communication:
đź“ŚFacilitator led presentation
đź“ŚQuestion-Based Discussion
đź“ŚInteractive exercises
đź“ŚCase study and videos
đź“ŚPoll and breakout discussions


💰Actual Fees: Rs. 10000/- Per Person.❌
💰 Offer Rs. 1999/- only (Limited period offer)✅


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