Event Management Business Course

100 % Practical & Live Training, 100% assistance in Event Management Business Setup and Job placements.

Course Duration– The course would be for a total duration of 7 days. These could be completed in the following ways-Regular- 7 days evening (Time 4pm to 9 Pm)

Weekend- Saturday & Sunday (8am to 2 pm) .

Event management Course
Event management


Day  1:-  Startup & Innovation

1. Introduction to event management Business. 2. Brief on the event management Business. 3. Event Management Business model. 4. Validation of Idea ,Creativity & Innovation.

Day  2:- Market research, Business Plan & SWOT analysis

1. Market research, Site Visit & Analysis. 2. Business acquisition & Opportunity, making Business Plan. 3. Promotion, Marketing & Business Development. 4. SWOT Analysis.

Day  3:- Documentation, licensing & Vendor Development.

1. Company Incorporation and IP protection. 2. Relevant legislation, licenses, trade acts. 3. Resources, Networking  & Vendor  Development. 4. Contracts, Stakeholders and official bodies.  

Day  4:-  Event Types, Portfolio Management & Proposal

1. Types of Event &  Portfolio Management. 2. Aim of event, Develop a mission, Establish Objectives. 3. Preparing event proposal, Use of planning tools. 4. Protocols, Dress codes, staging, staffing. 5. Proposal, Package Preparation, Offers & Promotion.

Day  5:-  Event Designing and Planning

1. Proposal, Cost analysis, Vendor Management & Negotiation. 2. Leadership skills, Managing team. 3. Group development, Managing meetings. 4. Written communications, (Official, demi-official, Invoice).  5. Verbal communications. 

Day  6:- Event Controlling

1. Security, Occupational safety. 2. Crowd management. 3. Major risks and emergency planning. 4. Incident reporting, emergency procedures.

Day  7:-  Basic Event Accounting

1. Budget, breakeven point, cash flow analysis. 2. Profit & loss, Invoicing, Billing ,Payment Cycle & Account Management. 3. Panic payments, financial control system. 4. Understanding Compensation. 5. Examination.


Fresh Graduates OR 1 – 2 years of work experience in Event Management. OR Any Start-ups.

Course Structure

Method of Teaching:

Site Visit, Guest Lecture, Expert Advisory, Classroom interactive session and Practical sessions, Discussion, presentation & project work.

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