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Labour and Security Services Provider Business

Labour and Security Provider Company

Course Structure

Course Duration-The course would be for a total duration of 2 days. These could be completed in the following ways-Regular- 2  days (Time 9.30 AM to 6:30 PM)

Eligibility Fresh Graduates OR,1 -2 years of work experience in Security Industry. OR Any Start-ups


Unit  1:-  How to start your own Labour and Security Service Provider Company.

  • Introduction to Labour and Security Service Provider Business
  • Brief on the Labour and Security Service Provider Business
  • Labour and Security Service Provider Business model
  • Business Setup and Compliances

Unit   2:-  Doing market research, Business Plan & SWOT analysis

  • Market research for Labour and Security Service Provider Business
  • New Business acquisition, making Business Plan.
  • Promotion, Marketing & Business Development.
  • SWOT Analysis.

Unit   3:-  PSARA (Private Security Agencies (Regulation) Act) & Guard Board. Security training , Hiring & Mass Recruitment

  • Application For PSARA & Guard Board
  • Documentation For PSARA & Guard Board
  • Security Training
  • Hiring & Mass Recruitment
  • Minimum wages, Payment, Overtime  & Compliance Management
  • Supervisory, Shift & Security Management

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Unit   4:-  Premium and building security  & Introduction to security surveying

  • Measures available
  • Developing security on sites
  • Managing security on sites
  • Understanding the risks
  • Considering security options
  • Communicating results to the client

Unit   5:-  Labour and Security risk management & Access Management

  • Introduction to security risk management
  • What risk management means
  • Who applies risk management
  • Risk mitigation
  • Risk management continuum
  • Types of access systems
  • How the access systems are used
  • Introduction to CCTV
  • Intruder detection
  • Implementing the systems

Unit   6:-  Introduction to investigations

  • Gathering of information
  • Purpose of the investigation
  • Requirements of the investigation
  • Upholding Credibility
  • Keeping Documentation
  • Legal aspects

Unit 7:-  Manpower selection and development & Crisis management

  • Selecting the right profile
  • Screening of individuals
  • Vetting of individuals
  • On-going professional training
  • Dealing with a crisis
  • Fall back planning
  • Post-incident considerations

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Method of Teaching: Classroom interactive session and Practical
sessions, Discussion,
presentation & project work.

Employability. Those who wish to be self employed or doing Security Management would immensely benefit. This program will provide for employment opportunities to candidates in all medium and small firms.

Course Fees– 5000/- (Fifteen Thousand Only)

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