Certificate Course in Labour Laws

Course Objective & Highlights:

  • The Two day Course on Labour Laws will aware the delegates fundamental understanding of compliance issues and how they can stay within the realms of the law in their daily role.
  • This training is important for all organizations, individuals and professionals who wish to understand the importance of regulatory compliance under the Act.
  • To Update organizations on all applicable current labour laws with the latest revisions
  • To Update on day-to-day statutory compliance to avoid penalties and non-compliance due to ignorance.
  • learn on how and when of all compliances under several Labour cum Employment Law statues of Employees.
  • Contract Labour Management: Registration, licence, wages, PF, ESI/ WC; Constitutional Issues; Inter State Migrant Workers and related issue.
Labour Laws
Labour Laws

Course Duration

The Course would be for a total duration of 2 days.


22nd &23rd Feb 2020


 9:30 Am to 6:00 Pm

Course Contents

Unit  1:-  Shop Act and Minimum Wages

A) Maharashtra Shops & Establishments Act 2017.

  • Applicability and licensing
  • Hours of operation Men, women
  • Protection of women
  • Over time
  • Holidays and leave
  • Welfare of workers

B) Employees Compensation act., Code on wages act. & Minimum wages chart

  • Minimum Wage & rate chart
  • Payment Of Minimum Wages
  • Fixing Hours For A Normal Working Day
  • Payment Of Overtime
  • Maintenance Of Registers And Records
  • Authority And Claims
  • Offences And Penalties

Unit  2:-  EPF,ESIC,PT & MLWF

A)  EPF (Employees Provident Fund and Miscellaneous Act, 1952)

  • Employees Provident Fund (EPF) Basics
  • Applicability, Registration & Coverage
  • EPF Forms, UAN  and Digital Signature
  • EPF Calculation, online challan Payment ,return and compliances
  • EPFO Claim and withdrawal

B) ESIC (Employees’ State Insurance Act, 1948)

  • Applicability, Registration and Coverage
  • ESI and Wages
  • ESI Contribution
  • Online ESI Contribution
  • Penalties And Procedure
  • Accident reporting ,Mediclaim and claim settlement

C)PT (Profession Tax Act.,1975 Maharashtra)

  • Applicability, Registration and Coverage
  • Amount Of Professional Tax
  • Monthly and Annual Return filling

D) MLWF (Maharashtra  Labour welfare Fund)

  1. Labour welfare Fund  applicability and Contribution
  2. Penalty
  3. Online Payment and Compliances

Unit 3  :-  Contract Labour Act.

A) Contract Labour (Regulation & Abolition) Act.,1970

  • Registration Of Establishments Employing Contract Labour.
  • Registration of Contractor
  • Effect Of Non-Registration.
  • Maintenance Of Records & Registers.
  • Penalties And Procedure.

B) BOCW (Building & Other Construction Workers Act., 1996)

  1. Registration of Contractor
  2. Effect Of Non-Registration.
  3. Maintenance Of Records & Registers.
  4. Penalties And Procedure.

Unit 4 :- Bonus & Gratuity

A) The Payment Of Bonus Act 1965

  • Applicability and Coverage of Act.
  • Eligibility and Disqualification of bonus
  • Payment, timeline and Computation of bonus
  • Inspection and Compliances

B) The Payment Of Gratuity Act, & Bonus 1972.

  • Applicability of Act.
  • Eligibility For Gratuity And Its Payment
  • Calculation Of Amount Payable
  • Penalties and Compliances

Unit 5 :- Workman’s Compensation

A) The Workman’s Compensation Act.

  • Employer’s Liability for Compensation
  • Employer’s Liability When Contractor Is Engaged
  • Compensation
  • Obligations And Responsibility Of An Employer
  • Notice And Claim
  • Appeals & Penalties

Unit 6:-  Maternity

A) The Maternity Benefit (Amendment) Act, 2017

  • Employment of or work by women prohibited during certain periods
  • Right to payment of maternity benefits
  • Notice of claim for maternity benefit
  • Nursing breaks
  • Abstract of Act and rules there under to be exhibited
  • Registers
  • Penalty for contravention of Act by employer

Method of Teaching: Lectures, groups discussions,  experience sharing, panel discussion and online filling.

Employability. Those who wish to be self-employed or Practicing in Labour Laws would immensely benefited. This program will provide for employment Enhancement opportunities to candidates in all medium and Large Organizations as well as staffing companies.

Course Fees:7500/-

 With Accommodation & Dinner: 8800/-