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How to start import export business

1) Company Formation

How to start Import Export Business
  • IEC License : Import Export Code is required for trading products and services to or from India. The IEC is a 10 digit number issued by Directorate General of Foreign Trade, Govt.of India.
  • Firm Registration, Udyog Adhar / MSME registration
  • Bank Account (CA & $): Global Trade Current Bank Account.
  • RCMC Certificate : Its mandatory for Exporter to avail Service Exports from india scheme(SEIS) Incentives.

2) Analyse & Explore Market

How to start Import Export Business
  • Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA) : Do APEDA registration. Registered members can participate in training programs organized for various products.
  • Product analysis by market (Country wise) : Involves examining product features, costs, availability, quality, appearance and other aspects.
  • Market survey SWOT analysis of product: SWOT analysis makes organization aware about all the strength and weakness.

3) Marketing and Business Development

How to start Import Export Business
  • Client acquisition with digital marketing.
  • Product Branding(Labeling)
  • Online Web Presence
  • Buyer- Supplier identification

4) Terms Proposal Negotiations Agreement

How to start Import Export Business
  • Risk Management.
  • pricing and Costing, Cost analysis, Quotation Preparation.
  • Credit Insurance( Gov. Insurance Bodies).
  • Marine Insurance.

5) Product Shipment

  • Pre and Post Documentation of shipments, Bill Of Lading, Purchase Order.
  • Inco Terms, HS Codes.
  • Container types and loads.
  • Custom Clearance for Export and Import, Custom house agents.
  • Sampling  and Packaging.

6) International banking ( Forex banking) and taxation

  • Understanding mechanism and role of Letter of Credit
  • currency risk management
  • Goods and Service Tax & Neutralization in Export

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Entrepreneurs and Startups

It is always hard to start without having a good picture of what you do want to create, for which go through your business knowledge, survey and interest will help you to decide Investment strategy for your startups.

As an entrepreneur and startup founder, you must always be a student desirous to take advice, well listener of other ideas and learn from those who’ve been there themselves.

Entrepreneurs and Startups

One of the biggest challenges for youngsters is all of the little delays that add up to a lot of time spent on waiting and thinking about entrepreneurship and startups. Understanding of challenges and commitment in starting the business.

and decide your priorities. Derive your problems priority wise then solve most important problems. Entrepreneurs who work hard to bring their ideas to life

Entrepreneurs and startups key behavior is to have an ability to respond quickly to the market dynamics. Building a business is never ending cycle of obstacles or opportunities it’s up to entrepreneurs attitude. Positive thinking solves half your problems which is essential for personal and professional growth.

For starting a startups or new business you have to be an excellent enlister, investor and supporting others in their own personal journeys and building a relationships. 

If the product is chosen then adopt online marketing strategy. Indian startups listing their products on the online platform will be able to sell in all international markets. Online marketing platform is the best way to engage your customers.

Identify niche and corner that market and make your startup successful. Try to provide a solution to a problem of what people care about in a meaningful way. 

Entrepreneurs and startups wear numerous caps in large or small, in a corporation. It is about more than being an organizer and including a particular job inside an organization; it is a way to deal with the board where you see how to alleviate risk and mobilize resources.

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Entrepreneurial mindset

The entrepreneurial mindset is about the way in which you approach challenges and mistakes. which helps you to propel yourself forward and keeps you in a position that you can overcome day to day challenges. Both success and failure start in the mind the way of thinking of entrepreneurs should help them to back up and put yourselves up


Entrepreneurship is performing a goal-oriented task. Entrepreneurs should manage business uncertainty through a disciplined approach.

Entrepreneurs belief system is Cultivated as per the surrounding environment, experiences, other influencers & thinking patterns. The doubt is the biggest killer of entrepreneurial mindset. For Programming or developing an entrepreneurial mindset the mental health plays a vital role. To keep your mental health strong you need to think Positive, always Sleep well, Never talk about only Business, always learning attitude, talk to new people, avoid negative thoughts.

Entrepreneurial mindset does not relate to only business personalities, its the ability to look towards the problem whether you are in a job, in your life or in a business,

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Needs in Event Management Industry

event management

Event Management industry has grown exponentially over the last decade. This industry contributes through conferences, roadshows, product launches, sports, award shows by creating a signature Event. Events have become an integral part of most of the Business community

Today’s youngsters who wants to pursue a career in event management must have qualities like leadership, relationship building skills, communication skills, marketing and business development skills, risk management skills, budgeting skills, Tech-savvy etc. these qualities needs to be nurtured and cultivated. An effective event manager should be active and energetic. Event managers passion and enthusiasm towards your work will give motivation to others

Biz iuris college course of event management, which helps to brush up and face all types of diverse challenges and opportunities in event management.

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Recruitment Business Management

The recruitment industry is relatively static with recruiters having full control of the hiring process. As per the latest Research recently come up with report of Global Recruitment for the estimated period of 8-years, during 2017-2025. This market has been witnessing stable growth and development. The global market for recruitment is likely to exhibit revenue growth by 1.5x between the period of 2017 to 2025.

Recruitment Business Management
Recruitment Business Model

The steps are straight forward: identify a vacancy, place a job advertisement, screen applicants, conduct interviews, and negotiate an offer. One of the most important step in how to start a recruiting business is choosing a recruitment business model.

  • 1) Solo practitioner Recruitment Business Model
  • 2) Agency owner Recruitment Business Model
  • 3) Franchising & Freelancing Business model

The tenure of senior executives has become shorter and the junior executives can now choose from numerous job opportunities. The recruitment industry has transited to a candidate focused instead of client focused, because of market scenario and now candidate has many employment choices, here our challenge is to attract quality candidates.

Considering the facts and figures, Biz iuris College of Professional Studies has taken the initiative and developed a Recruitment Business Management Course.

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Transportation Business Management

Transportation management

Transportation market is vast, as it comprises of many types of services using a different set of vehicles

The transport business is considered a high risk as many people fail in the business. You need to do right calculations about the business. Advertise your business at correct target market. This industry depends heavily on the health of the economy.

Transportation is definitely an essential part of supply chain and logistics, which involved in the planning and coordination of delivering goods and shipment of cargos from one place to another. Which also Includes developing shipment relationships and partnerships.

Our Experts have done a lot of research & studied case studies on Transportation Business and designed a short term training course to make aware entrepreneurs of this type of business.

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Import Export and International Trade Management

Import Export and International Trade Management

International trade is one of the hot industries of the new era of business.

India is the treasure of talent and expected to be the third largest economy in the world by 2030.  With an immense potential of workforce, the country is going to set on a high growth path. And as per the report by EXIM , Import-Export sector of the Indian economy has improved immensely over the years.

 Biz iuris College is well known as entrepreneurs college & has taken the initiative in making people aware about the exploration of opportunities in Import, Export and International trade sectors. We are the leading import and Export training center having its unique style of training the participants so as to make them familiar with international procedures and systems for setting up their own business.

Biz iuris College is running Import Export courses in association with Import-Export Federation. Course contents will boost your business ideas. you will learn how to select Product, how to do packaging, shipment, documentation, Inco terms, etc.

We provide 100% lifetime assistant to our candidates for setting up a business in Import-Export and International trade centre.

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Event Management

Event Management

Most of the corporate companies are hiring Event managers. Nowadays event management has huge career and business opportunities

There are hundreds of Event Management agencies opening and closing daily due to a lack of experience and guidance. Event planning has to be flexible always. It’s not like always the event will go on as planned, plan B should be on chart. To make event more creative and successful, must need Leadership, planning and implementation skills, Manpower management, Smart meetings, Tech-savvy event planning, these are the key factors.

To develop such skillsets Biz iuris College of Professional Studies has designed a structured course for such entrepreneurs in Event Management.

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Family Business Management

Family Business management

To maintain the success of the family business needs a clear vision of the relationship between the family members and business. There is nothing better than a well functioning family business and family.  Most family business owners want to pass on the business to the next generation but relatively few can actually do so.

Need to tackle the situation whether the next generation is prepared to take over these responsibilities. Because leadership is not transmitted or planned. The rising generation must know how the family struggled for the business and also founder must share the proud moments of business and family to empower the feeling of ownership, always make communication on how you have evolved the business. Through communication creat a framework of business decision making and family governance.

We have recognized and studied thoroughly about family business management and designed a course structure with references from expert mentors at Biz Iuris College.

Business Blog Directory

Business Blog Directory

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Entrepreneurship and business management

Entrepreneurship & Business
Entrepreneurship and Business Management

Becoming an entrepreneur takes a lot of hard work and skill,  for which Biz iuris College of professional studies aims to make that journey easier. course in Entrepreneurship and business management will give you an overview of company structures, different organization functions, and business environments. This will give you a deeper understanding of how companies operate and take the guesswork out of business management ethics and entrepreneurship.

The course structure is designed as per the current business trends, development of Entrepreneurial mindset,  encouragement to your creativity, strategic thinking. Which will help you to develop skills to manage a small business.