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Biofloc Fish Farming Training

Biz iuris College of Professional Studies has organized a practical classroom training on Biofloc fish farming.

Topic 1:-Introduction

  • Introduction to aquaculture
    • What is Biofloc Fish Farming?
    • How does Biofloc System Work?

Topic 2 :- Investment

  • What is the cost for the installation of Bio-floc fish tank?
    • Purchasing of equipments
    • Farm Infrastructure Investment

Topic  3:-Biofloc Installation, Tank Set up and Aeration

  • Farm Infrastructure
    • Installation of Bio-floc fish tank
    • Aeration
  • Care and Maintenance
    • Monitoring Of ammonia nitrate sludge
    • PH value, Humidity, Temperature
    • Pollutants, Sunlight and environmental Condition
  • Site visit installation plant

Topic 4:-Species selection and Biofloc Development

  • Species Selection
    • As per environmental condition
    • Male-female identification
    • Stocking Density
  • Growth performance Biofloc fishes
    • Breeding, egg, and Growth
    • Disease and control
  • Probiotic food nutritional
    • Composition and nutritional value of biofloc
  • Vendor Development
  • Site visit for Seed selection and growth

Topic 5:-Marketing and Markets

  • How to do Online Marketing
    • Social media Marketing
    • Web Importance in Marketing
  • Available markets,
    • local Market
    • Export Markets
  • Packaging and transportation
    • Pre-packaging care
    • Bag size / Bucket size
    • Care During Transit
    • Important reasons for mortality of fishes during transport
  • Market challenges

Topic 6:-Advantages-Disadvantages

  • How Biofloc helps in cost-saving?
  • How it can help Farmers, Entrepreneurs Increase their Income
  • How much Subsidy does Government offer
  • Project Report