Biz iuris College Of Professional Studies is one of the Premier Autonomous College, with Objective to provide professional knowledge, developing expertise for Entrepreneurs and Startups.

Biz iuris College is an amalgamation of number of various courses designed for Industry needs & also to nurture the youngsters and Entrepreneurs business ideas. Trying to educate help & aspire young minds to join the journey of excellence.


Labour and Security workshop

At Biz iuris College, we aim to provide Nontraditional Courses and forming a Entrepreneurs college to provide training by industry experienced mentors. Business management studies with management discipline & to train its entrepreneurs and startups according to the new dynamic world.


Labour and Security workshop

“Strengthening the practical knowledge for professional excellence, entrepreneurs and startups in a challenging world. To provide training for Business development, thus by training empowering entrepreneurs and startups to exceed challenges as active participants in the developing world.


Labour and Security workshop

We at Biz iuris College Of Professional Studies promote intellectual freedom of business ideas, engagement, critical, creative inquiry, rigorous debate, innovative thinking & integrity in all endeavors. We ignite a passion for learning.

Facilities & Infrastructure: 

  • Wifi-enabled  & access to an institutional secure computer network.
  • The institute has well equipped, all networks controlled by central serve & administered profession.
  • Large and airy classroom with the latest Audio-visual Equipment & LCD Screen.
  • Workshop & Hands-on Training
  • Counselling Centre & Discussion Hall.
  • Examination Cell
  • Career & Employment Opportunity.
  • Presentation Rooms, Activity Centre etc.
  • Seminar & Conference Halls